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Sandy Gatoara – Technical Director

Santokh has more than 40 years experience in Building Services, Research and Development in the fields of heat exchangers, thermal storage, heating appliances and systems. He has worked as an independent consultant for Ideal Heating, CFCL, IE-CHP and Gledhill. Santokh was technical director of Gledhill Ltd from 1999 to 2011 at main board level where he pioneered the development of appliances and systems based on thermal storage coupled to heat pumps, micro CHP, fuel cells and solar thermal. Before joining Gledhill he worked for British Gas Research and Development division as senior scientist and head of built environment section where he was involved in development of novel technologies for emerging low energy housing. After that he worked for Global Gas as a consultant mainly in Eastern Europe designing and managing the installation of demonstration heating projects in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland and also as analyst for asset acquisition activities of Global Gas. During his long career has been involved in developing standards, Standard Assessment Procedure i.e. SAP for Building Regulations and has active member of industry organisations and has filed more than 8 patents.