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Maurizio Zaglio – European Business Development Manager

Maurizio is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in chemical engineering.  He studied in Italy (Brescia), the Netherlands (Delft), and Switzerland (Zurich).

Maurizio joined Sunamp in 2012 as Chemical and Mechanical Engineer. As part of a small and dynamic start-up, his duties varied over different fields, involving design and assembly of heat storage and management systems, scale up production of phase change material from lab scale to tons, test and analysis of the performance of the products, both in the field and in the laboratory.

In 2014, Maurizio changed his role to European Business Development Manager, and relocated to Zurich. Here, he is mainly responsible to engage with OEMs as well as technical and commercial partners, to manage projects and collaborations with key companies at international level in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning market, and to set up and grow the local subsidiary.