A Journey of Ideas, Innovation and Change

Our Vision for the Future

The Sunamp vision originated from the basic understanding that energy storage is at the very heart of making renewables and energy efficiency work. Yet, with over twice as much heat and cooling energy consumed in the world economy as electricity, I asked myself why thermal energy storage wasn’t a major topic of interest or development?

Borne out of a desire to use my scientific background as a serial Technology Enterpreneur to promote real and significant environmental change, I decided to explore the potential of using thermal energy storage to make buildings more energy efficient, sustainable and self-sufficient, whilst reducing carbon emissions by optimising renewable energy sources on-site, supporting the grid to allow on more renewable electricity sources and harvesting waste heat for re-use.

Thanks to an inspirational team of scientists, researchers, business professionals and engineers, we have a patented and unrivalled Heat Battery energy storage technology, which has been designed and manufactured to help protect the environment and improve our quality of life through reducing reliance on fossil-powered heat while driving down fuel costs.


Sunamp is also using this technology to help eradicate fuel poverty – with our partners in the social rented sector we asked a simple question: “shouldn’t all this renewable technology also be reducing bills and making life more comfortable?” We’ve empowered communities and individuals, through Sunamp Heat Batteries, to answer that with a clear “Yes!” We also managed to enhance safety and resilience, with fire-proof, low maintenance solutions that provide 24/7 access to heat and hot water even through a power cut.

Our unique technology is being extended across sectors: up the size scale to containerised multi-megawatt industrial heat/cool applications; and into the massively important transportation sector via our new Sunamp Automotive. There we are seeing exciting developments from improving air quality in cities by using heat batteries to improve engine efficiency and reduce emissions on buses, to ensuring that electric cars can achieve the same range, whatever the weather, by delivering from thermal storage all the heating and cooling.

We firmly believe that the Sunamp Heat Battery and Cool Battery will transform how we generate, store and use heat and cool around the world and will significantly impact on how we tackle climate change and safeguard our planet for future generations.


Andrew Bissell, CEO

Heat Storage Products

We have multiple types of Thermal Battery, all designed to deal with varying levels of heat storage and demand. Our smallest unit, the SunampPV, contains two red cells (5 kWh, 100 litres hot water equivalent). Larger four cell models (200 litre equivalent) are also available in this range. 

Many customers also use SunampPV as an electric water heater: its ideal for delivering hot water wherever it is needed, for example in a new bathroom or under a kitchen sink (as seen on Grand Designs). Doubled up, it gives plenty of hot water for flats and houses, large and small, while fitting into tiny spaces, for instance under the stairs.

Ever versatile, SunampPV can also be used to run radiators, creating a much more controllable alternative to conventional night storage heaters. Hundreds of homes in the U.K. already run with this cost-effective solution, saving a great deal of energy. (This can also be seen on the grand Designs program aired on Channel 4 in the UK on 25th October 2017.)

Sunamp 100i comes in the same size sleek white box, but instead of charging electrically, it charges from any thermal source such as a gas boiler or heat pump. It can also act as a replacement for a Heat Interface Unit on a District Heating system, with the radical addition of local storage at every home. This allows the network to operate much more efficiently while ensuring hot water can always said be supplied.

Larger and smaller versions of these products are being readied for availability in early 2018. These will support a very wide variety of applications ranging from replacing unvented cylinders in ½ the space and without G3 restrictions, to full time-shifted heat pump solutions.

These revolutionary Heat Pump applications have been tested over the last 5 years by Sunamp in conjunction with UK government, our Housing Association partners and early-adopter customers using Sunamp Stack which typically contains 12 or 18 red cells (24 or 36 kWh). Linked to off-peak tariffs like Economy 10 or rooftop PV, these have proven amazing savings ranging from at least 45% to over 80% reduction in the cost of heating. (Case Studies will be uploaded soon.)

The Sunamp Cube range provides large scale static or transportable energy storage (45 kWh to multiple MWh). The Sunamp Cube turns energy into stored heat and uses it when energy prices and demand are high, to keep the cost of your energy use consistently low. The Sunamp Cube responds to the need for large community and commercial scale heat storage and can present new revenue streams for businesses through selling energy back to the grid.


Based on the understanding that the world uses over twice as much heat as electricity, Sunamp Heat Batteries help solve numerous problems by storing energy as heat and releasing it when and where it is needed. This is achieved at lower cost and higher efficiency than competing technologies (e.g. electrical batteries, hydrogen electrolysis or fuel cells) and is a totally new way of storing energy, developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry and then perfected at Sunamp laboratories.

Others have tried, but no-one before has succeeded in perfecting our combination of low-cost materials, exceptional long-life, recyclability, safety and high energy density. This guarantees high energy output and almost unlimited lifespan; as the composition of the material remains unchanged.

Sunamp thermal batteries contain inorganic, non-toxic, salt-based Phase Change Materials (PCM), which absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing. When a PCM freezes, it releases a huge amount of energy in the form of latent heat at a constant temperature.

Our innovation has resulted in a uniquely successful formula which is transforming how we use energy and provide heat around the World.


Our technology is designed around ensuring a positive impact on the environment with the long-term ambition of significantly impacting the global campaign to stop climate change.

By eliminating the need for fossil-fuels and supporting renewable energy, Sunamp Heat Batteries reduce CO2 emissions, NOx emissions and empower people to become more energy efficient around the world, from the individual to large scale organisations and housing developments. Unlike chemical batteries, it does not use any hazardous or toxic materials, and does not create any end-of-life disposal issues.

Fuel Poverty

At the heart of the Sunamp vision is providing local solutions to address fuel poverty. Our innovative technology has enabled more efficient utilisation of different renewable technologies to positively impact on tenants seeking to reduce their energy costs. From Sheltered Housing Complexes to individual homes and Social Housing, having 24/7 access to stored heat and hot water reduces bills by up to 75% and keeps tenants warm even through a power cut.

This integrated approach also saves Local Authorities money, with savings made from reduced rent arrears and minimised cost of maintenance and repairs.